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Deed Poll Application - Standard Service

If this is the first time you are changing your name, or you simply want to take on a new name, that you have not had before, then the Standard Deed Poll Application Service is for you. It is also by far our most popular service.

If you have already changed your name and used another Deed Poll supplier or changed your name using a Statutory Declaration by a solicitor and you now need a Deed Poll to show that change of name then please use our Replacement Deed Poll Service.

If you originally used our service to change your name and need replacement or additional Deed Poll document please use our Archive Deed Poll Service.

To change your name using the Standard Deed Poll Application Service is quite simple:  

    1. Complete the Application Form
    2. Make payment
    3. Receive the Deed Poll

Full Money Back Guarantee



The Standard Deed Poll Application process is straightforward. Just select which type of Deed Poll is appropriate for you and follow the instructions on the application forms. We provide 2 types of postal Deed Poll documents, High Quality Paper on 100 gsm textured paper and Parchment Paper documents, both delivery by 1st class post.

Deed Poll Documents

All our Deed Poll Documents are fully legal documents. They come with our official company stamp embossed on them, including our company authentication watermark on the paper itself.  They are sent out to you by first class mail, the next workday (we have to allow for the postal service!).   You will also get email confirmation and additional material, for example, the Parental Responsibility Consent forms for the Child Deed Poll (we provide these forms as a courtesy and free of charge). You will also get an information pack in the email telling you what you need to do to make the most of the Deed Poll.

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Please Choose the Type of Deed Poll you Require  

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, our deed poll documents have been reduced from £14.99 to £9.99 !!! All Deed Poll documents bear our company's official stamp embossed on them. 1st class postage is included in the price, free of charge!
Please Note: Financial organisations, such as banks, due to regulatory requirements, will want a Deed Poll document with a seal on it.  All our Deed Poll documents bear our company's official authentication seal and watermark on the documents, for your complete peace of mind.
  High Quality Paper Parchment Paper
Adult 1 = £9.99 1 = £15.99
Adult 5 = £17.99 5 = £21.99
Adult 10 = £27.99 10 = £31.99
  High Quality Paper Parchment Paper
Child 1 = £9.99 1 = £15.99
Child 5 = £17.99 5 = £21.99
Child 10 = £27.99 10 = £31.99


Adult Deed Poll

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for an adult Deed Poll. This Deed Poll document will allow you to legally change your name. We do two types of Adult Deed Poll to suit your pocket and requirements.

High Quality Paper postal Deed Poll

The High Quality Paper Deed Poll documents bear our company authentication seal and watermark. These come at an all inclusive price starting at £9.99 for one and get cheaper as you buy larger quantities. This price includes postage and packing. You only pay what you see!

Superior Quality Parchment Paper Deed Poll

Next is our Superior Quality Parchment Paper Deed Poll. The Superior Quality Parchment Paper Deed Poll documents bear our company authentication seal and watermark.  These are very high quality Deed Poll and our price for these is less than most of our competitors charge for normal quality paper Deed Polls. This comes at an all inclusive price at £15.99, with no extra charges on postage or packing.

Legal Copies

Deed Poll documents get lost, damaged in the post, or you may want to save the original document safely at home.  The legal copy allows you to do just that.  You use them to get your details changed over with the various name record holders and hold onto the original deed poll document thereby keeping it safe for future reference.

Our legal copies are accepted, just like our Deed Poll document, by all organisations within the UK, as a part of our guarantee, we also cover the legal copies.

So how many legal copies do you need?  This depends upon how many name record holders, i.e. organisations legitimately holding your details you have.  For example, if you have a passport, then you would need to get the passport in your new name.  If you don't have a passport, it won't matter to you.  Generally we suggest between 5-10 legal copies as a minimum.

Each legal copies costs approximately £2 each, but if you go for our bundle 5,10 or 20 bundle pack, they work out cheaper. The legal copies can be ordered directly from the application form with your Deed Poll document. We always recommend you get the bundles, in any order you place, they work out a lot cheaper than you ordering additional documents at a later date!

Child Deed Poll

To change the name of anyone under the age of 16 years, you need a Child Deed Poll. This Deed Poll document will allow a parent or legal guardian to change any part of the child's name. Only a parent or legal guardian can change a child's name.

Please Note

For types and prices of the Child Deed Polls issued by us for children changing their names see the above Adult Deed Poll section.  We charge the same prices for Adults and Children Deed Polls and offer the same types of Deed Polls for both.

1st Class Post

All our postal Deed Polls are sent out using 1st class post to anywhere within the UK.  This price for 1st class is included within the Deed Poll prices shown, so there is nothing else to pay.  What you see is what you pay!
Please note for Deed Polls posted posted abroad, outside the UK, there is an additional postage charge.  The price for international delivery is £10.

Changing Your Name Now!

Standard Deed Poll Service

Standard Deed Poll Service

Deed Poll Application - Standard Service If this is the first time you are changing your...