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Parental Responsibility Consent Forms

As a part of our service, when you apply for a Child Deed Poll document, we supply free of charge template Parental Responsibility Forms to help you show that you have the required Parental Responsibility to change your child's name and if applicable, you also have the consent of anyone else with Parental Responsibility for your child.

Special Circumstances Parental Responsibility Templates

If you have special circumstances, such as sharing Parental Responsibility with another individual, who is absent and cannot be traced, or domestic violence and harm to you or your child may be involved, then we have Special Circumstances Parental Responsibility Templates for such circumstances.  You will need to let us know you need these on the application form when you make the application or subsequently via email so that they can be sent out to you.

N.B. Please note that all the Parental Responsibility Consent forms including the Special Circumstances Parental Responsibility Templates are supplied as a courtesy. We do not guarantee these in any way. That said, we have never had one rejected by any name record holder, i.e. any organisation legitimately holding records on you or your child.

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