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Changing Your Child’s Name

If the Child is under 16 years old then a parent or legal guardian can change their name for them.  The parent can be the mother, father or indeed a legal guardian.   In order to do this you need to have what is legally described as "Parental Responsibility" for the child. provide the Parental Responsibility consent forms that you will need to change your child’s name.  These are provided free of charge, and as is, to our customers in the information pack we send out with your order confirmation email.  They allow anyone with Parental Responsibility for child to change the child's name.

Please see our section on 'Parental Responsibility'.

Child Deed Poll Name Change - Parental Responsibility Consent Forms

Whichever delivery method you choose (email or postal), when you apply for a Child Deed Poll, we will give you, absolutely free, a set of complementary Parental Responsibility Consent Forms from which to select the appropriate one for your particular needs. These will be emailed to you, for you to use. These are a part of our information pack that is email with every child Deed Poll application. Please see "Parental Responsibility". To our knowledge, most deed poll companies do not supply these or charge for them separately. We provide these as part of our service, free of charge.




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