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What's the Purpose of a Deed Poll?

Before you can change your name and have your records updated, you need documentary evidence to ensure this. The main purpose of a Deed Poll document is to provide documentary evidence

The Deed Poll document provides documentation of your change of name. It provides a formal statement which can be used by the organisation you want to inform of your change of name, such as the passport office, DVLA, bank etc. so that they can change your name details. Using the executed Deed Poll, you can get all your official documents and records changed over into your new name.

The Deed Poll works pretty much in the same way as marriage certificate, when a married woman wishes to take her husband's surname, when they get married. She informs whoever has her name records, enclosing her marriage certificate as documentary evidence of her name change, and requests her surname to be changed over into her husband's surname. When you change your name using a Deed Poll, you do the same thing, simply inform everyone, i.e. write to them, enclosing your Deed Poll as documentary evidence of your name change, and request your records are changed to the new name shown on the Deed Poll document.

The official Deed Poll document provided by us allows you to provide this evidence, it serves as documentary evidence of you changing your name.

The Deed Poll proves that:  

  1. you have a new name, and you wish to me known  by this new name, by everyone
  2. You want all your records to be transferred into this new name
  3. You no longer wish to use or be known by your old name

Changing Your Name Now!

Standard Deed Poll Service

Standard Deed Poll Service

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