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Featured Executing a Deed Poll

What is Executing a Deed Poll?

Once a Deed Poll is drafted, that is prepared and printed, it needs to be executed.  This simply means that the Deed Poll needs to be signed in the presence of a witness and dated.

The witness also needs to sign and date the Deed Poll to confirm the that you have indeed executed the deed poll document in their presence. Once the Deed Poll has been executed, that is signed and dated, it officially commits you to renouncing and abandoning the use of your former name, to you using your new name at all times, as your proper name, and for everybody to address you only by your new name.

When a Deed Poll is executed, it enables you to get all your records amended into your new name.  These records include the passport, driving licence and bank details.  You need to have your name details updated in all UK government departments, organisations and companies. Our official Deed Poll is a fully legal document. Once you have executed your Deed Poll and amended your records, you should keep it safe with your birth certificates.  This would allow you to produce them together if you need to show how your name is now different to that given on your birth certificate.  That is why we recommend you order our high quality paper Deed Poll with our official company authentication stamp.  However, our email Deed Poll is also perfectly legal, valid and acceptable for changing your name.

To recap, once you receive one of our Deed Polls you need to execute it and then you can start to use it.  All you have to do is:

  1. Sign the Deed Poll on the dotted line, with your new signature where your new name is printed.
  2. Sign the Deed Poll on the dotted line, with your old signature where your old name is printed.
  3. Fill in the date.
  4. Get your witness to sign on the dotted line entitled Witness.  Print the witness’ name, address and occupation details. (ensure the witness is over 18 and not related to you, see witness for further details).

Please see "Who Can be a Witness".

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