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Why Change Your Name ?

There are a number of reasons for changing your name using Deed Poll.  Many people change their names because, for example:

  • A woman upon separation or divorce may want to revert to her maiden name
  • People wanting a double-barrelled surname
  • A woman wanting to keep her maiden name as her middle name whilst taking her husband’s last name
  • People who dislike their name, maybe find them embarrassing
  • People anglicise their name to make it easier to pronounce or who want to avoid discrimination
  • People who change their religion and want their name to be more appropriate for their religion
  • People wanting different and unusual or fun names
  • Entertainers taking on new names, or their stage names, as their official name.

Changing Your Name Now!

Standard Deed Poll Service

Standard Deed Poll Service

Deed Poll Application - Standard Service If this is the first time you are changing your...