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Are there any Restrictions on Changing your Name ?

You can pretty much, legally, change your name to anything; however, you should note that a few names would not be legally acceptable.  We do not keep a list of legally unacceptable or offensive names.

It is your responsibility to choose a name that is legally acceptable and not offensive. Some examples of names that would not be acceptable by government departments would be those names which include symbols or numbers, or which are unpronounceable.  As a part of our policy, we do not accept blasphemous names, other than that you can pretty much change your name to anything, so long as you do not do so to commit an illegal activity or to defraud anyone. The Deed Poll Site ( takes no responsibility for the legality of any name you choose for yourself and our issuing of a Deed Poll in your chosen name does not endorse your choice of name or title.

Is a Deed Poll Registered Anywhere ?

There is no central register of name changes within the UK and Deed Poll documents are not registered.  It is however possible to enrol, a Deed Poll.  A Deed Poll is enrolled, lodged for safe keeping, its details published and it made available for public inspection, but this process is very costly.  There is no requirement to have the Deed Poll document enrolled and most people changing their name only want to inform the relevant people, anyway. We do not, as a part of our service, enrol Deed Poll documents.

Changing birth or marriage certificates with a Deed Poll

The Deed Poll document cannot be used to change historic information, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and academic awards that have already been awarded.  This is because these are historic records, which were issued in the correct name at the time.  This does not, in any way, stop you from changing your name by Deed Poll.



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Standard Deed Poll Service

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